Reviews for "Hey Demon"


good potential, a bit simplistic and bland for my tastes. i was impressed that youa ctually got him hitting the drum with the beat. so many just take the short cut and have him hitting it generally in the same region of the beat.

I found this cartoon quite nice

The animation was very smooth. and the drawing was top class.

but the cartoon had no point to it, and was a little repetative. still better than70% of cartoons on this website.


yay its finally here ^^

ive seen this on weebls stuff..

loved it

still love it :)

keep it up!


While being very short, you have the timing of it down perfect. I hope you endevor for more complexity in the future, because it was really good. Oh, work on the mouth next time. Still awesome though. Make more or I will... explode. Yeah.

not bad

i have to admit it wasnt bad i even laughed a bit and i never laugh very fun good job.