Reviews for "Hey Demon"

I have seen this before

I've seen this somewhere else, could of been on newgrounds actually. MAKE YOUR OWN THINGS, MAKE THEM FUNNY


The graphics are fine, I'll give you that. But it's just mimicing the same music over and over again....

And the repetitiveness of it really wears the initial sound down a lot.

Put some more style into it.


For some reason, that kinda creeped me out. Don't know why, but good job!
Maybe a little more depth into this would make it better, like show other demons that are playing a different instrument or a different drum. Would make it a tad better, but don't over do it if you take this advice. Most sequels suck XD.

Hey? More like gay!

try harder


I love the little demon. He was so cute. And the since was right on track. The lip and the drum. I love the song to and everything just flowed so smoothly and realisticaly. And some nice backgrounds to.

The charecter was a little bit to simple and he had stick arms and legs which did not look good on him. Also I didnt like how it looped on me.