Reviews for "Hey Demon"


"average in my opinion"

number of flashes - zero.

right to critique by saying "it's average" - none

Try making flash before you diss a flash... this is some hard shit.


Good graphics, but other than that it's kinda pointless, and the song is nothing worth noting.


I dug the look of it at first, but then that music started.... it was fine for the first five seconds or so, then it repeats endlessly. Nothing happens and the song blows ass after a fleeting moment.

The 1 in Humor was because I chuckled after seeing it, wondering why it was on the front page.

Dang nabbit


US ENGLISH PEOPLE CAN DO STUFF TOO YOU KNOW. It's not just imperialism, racism and tea-drinking. This flash is so damn old but it's fecking cool.

Was looking for this..

While this may not be made by the author,I don't care. Was wondering where this flash was and what the title was...

Anyway,that Demon rocks!