Reviews for "Hey Demon"


09/29/2005 08:21AM EST Hahaha, it got frontpaged, even though that was submitted about a year ago? Hahahha.

Whatever, it's a really good animation.

Cool like the demon guy

All the people who put this down did it because they probubly know nothing about making flash. It may look simple, but I know that it was probubly harder to make than most people think. It was great, I liked the attention to detail on his movements. well done keep it up.

i liked it


That was awesome!

Oh wait no it wasn't..

I saw this one year back on weebls cartoons.

I saw this a year ago on weebles cartoons if your the original creator why did you just suddenly put on here huh?

PEAB0 responds:

I submitted this last year. Check the submission date.
No idea why it took NG this long to frontpage it. I guess it originally passed under their radar.