Reviews for "Hey Demon"

cute cartoon

but the demon jusat stands there shouting hey not very intersting but then he starsts again after getting interuppted or is that the way of it

Wouldn't it be great if you could blam users...

In Responce to the last guy. N00b?! WTF are you talking about?!
Fucking thirteen year olds think they know oh so much. Always looking for another violent cartoon to supress their rage for being butt fucked by their dad. Fuck, I hate people saying n00b now. Because hardly anybody knows what the definition of one is.

Anyway, great artwork. Nice and smooth and it synced to the music like nobodies mum. Keep up the good work!


Too short and unsubstaintial.

Rather old and tired

An average but never the less polished toon. I know this has probably been said by a lot of people in reviews of this toon but.... it is sooo goddamn old. a year old to be exact. it was uploaded weebl's stuff(not promotion-please dont ban me!) on the 24th June 2005. considering all that it scores low in style because its had its stylish moment in my opinion. while it is a good cartoon, its the sheer principle of it that annoys me. Its like a band releasing the same single again... except the single was never overly special to begin with.


I have wanted to see this flash on the front page for a long time this is one of my all time favorite flashes ever i love the music its great and the Demon is awsome its one of the coolest flashes ever ROCK ON!!!!! HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!