Reviews for "Daily2oon09282005"

cant say i hated it

alot of it i didnt get, (take note, i'm14) so the eighties thing went right over me, the 10 second speel was confusing, and the rap thing, well, i dont like rap music. i guess the mario thing was the only thing i got, and it was'nt that bad

i usually

hate daily200ns....but this one was extra hilarious.....in my favs?



the thing with the stars was cool and mario was cool, in my opinion he shoulda had a speech bubble that said "i hate manuer" like back to the future but that's really all i liked about it. i hate rap or hip hop or whatever it is you kids call it now a days.


i loved the menu it was preety cool i like the sound it made the mario won was the coolest cause i like mario and the dancing thing was cool to but that menu was the shit use that menu again o and did the thing with ludacris ever end i didnt finish it


nice work really like it,it was good