Reviews for "Aeternus Lamnia"

All my 5's are belong to you

great, it kept me entertained for about an hour, the final boss was incredilby easy, it was actualy the mage that took me the longest. Anyways great job i loved it.

great game

as one of the dragon slayer clan, i must say, i havent seen a game quite like this in a long time. in better words, it was awsome! good job!

good work

very good job and i like the idea

. people may be having trouble with spider because they are not clicking and holding until the sword does a complete slice on the legs (do this before u hit the white stuff that the spider shoots at u a couple of times and then hit the white stuff before it can hurt u)
-liked the game!

great game

I can't get past the wizard on low quality but the game is perfect

Nice game, kinda challening at first.

I liked the blocking and attacking stlye and the quality tip really helped me out to. Oh and to all the people believing in that damn chain letter about teddy I got one thing to say to you guys..grow the hell up honestly. I have read that thing at least 20 times now and haven't sent it to a damn person once and i haven't died yet! :O shocker?? Ya so really stop posting that piece of crap please i have lived for 2 weeks now ever since i seen it so obvoiously it isn't that bad as it says. --all and all great game man keep up the good work.