Reviews for "Aeternus Lamnia"


It was well worth the effort. I really like it. Especially with the addition of mini-games. Well done.

Very good

I loved it, and was wondering if anyone would want to try to beat my high score.
No deaths
Beat Challange mode
Endless Mode: 4016
Cannon Defense: 1367
Cannon Block: 20
Target Practice: 10500
Speed Target: 930
Light Trace: 897 and survive full time
Countdown: 122500
Racquetball: 566
Ball Assault: 16400
Fireball Blitz: 577
Beat Overgrown

Ok game

It was an ok games. Gondorgames is one of my fave gamemakers on the web but this game is just a waste of time. Rubbish.

I got to say this was a good game

This was a fun game. The instructions were easy to follow and after a few rounds I picked up the timing. It is one I'll come back to for the mini-games. I'd like to see one with a more immersive story or a bigger one.

Not bad

First may I say, you really, really need to had instructions or maybe even hints for each boss. I mean, it's not fun when you keep dying because you have no idea of what part your meant to hit. THe green things helped, but they didnt show up until it was to late on the third level. The sound was a bit dull and the music was just annoying.