Reviews for "Aeternus Lamnia"

hate it

not good nothing good in this game


pretty poor execution I must say. Got to level 3 and just really see no point to it. Gets repetitive and also strategy goes out the window. I reckon you could have done a lot better than this, maybe upgrades or something to that extent? Also the first boss felt way harder than the second.

good concept poor execution

level one was set up nicely, afterwards it became a pain trying to eliminate spiders whilst simultaneously striking their webs, health bars for enemies were far greater in contrast to the protagonist's making it difficult to even make an average "stab" at playing lol

Final Fantasy Wanna-Be

Obviously Phendrana has been playing way too many Final Fantasy games. This is game is insanely hard and Kevin Bacon is right. The type of mouse does matter. So tone down the difficulty and this would be a better game. Oh and..... Kevin Bacon

Very interesting!

5 out of 10, but it caught my attention, for sure.