Reviews for "Aeternus Lamnia"


Great game, bu it needs three things:
1. A pause button
2. More than 4 lives per boss
3. A method of killing the mage that does not depend entirely on his moves.
Add these, and you'll have my 10/10.


This type of game would be awesome on the Wii.

i like it

Listen its a good challenge after a while you get the hang of it do the mini games until you beat the score challenge it gives and believe you can do you will that's how I beat it and I like it and don't call me anything bad because this is the way I think.

fame rely sucks

things to be improved:
more than just killing the enemy
maybe some cut seens
first two bosses a little harder
last to bosses LESS HARDER!!!
second to last boss VERY REPETITIVE WITH ITS MOVES!!!
last boss less quick


Not much fun, I would block and still get hit .