Reviews for "Aeternus Lamnia"


Well, the graphics and design are average, and the animations are smooth despite having so many things going on. You won't be engaged by the story, because there is none, but what'll keep you interested through the game is the variety of monsters and combat, and different ways to defeat them. Shamefully, there are only 5 chapters--1 monster each--and a minigame, which makes you feel the game lacks content. But worry not, because the game gets so hard, it gets so difficult and has you retrying all over again until you finally give up and move on. But the concept, it's so creative and innovative, having your cursor as your sword-wielding hand creates a new experience to the flash history.

The game is interesting and is fun to play, as you actually control the movement of your hands--but it will get too difficult, and you will get frustrated sooner or later. The big verdict is a 7/10, a surprisingly descent flash.


greeeeaaat game...i passed it but the last boss first time when i played it i was like WTF? what happend?

Not too bad

It was fun, and really hard, and the controls were smooth and the animation wasn't bad just not my type of game.

awesome :D

oh man this game is addicting to me cause when i play a hard game i just keep playing and playing til i beat it this is really hard but fun to play so for me? 10 stars great work :D


so fucking harrrrd