Reviews for "Aeternus Lamnia"

the dark knight

i couldnt even get the dk (dark knight) to half health!!!!! and i beat the secound 1!!!!!!!! make that stupid crap knight easier in the next game or you will be the swordsman against him you stupid creator!!!!!!!!!!!

Good game

Nice balance between reaction time and technique, though vivi's(mage) attacks should be dosed more evenly, sometimes youd get all fire or all ice, you get the point, well done though


Very original and challenging! I really love the gameplay, and the graphics arent bad! I honestly cant find a flaw!


The Graphic is.. aint attractive. I giv it 2/10.
As for the gameplay,u can block properly, u have to be kinda accurate.And some attacks land on half outside the screen-dat is to say u have to block half outside the screen too.So it seems quite lame.Then the attacks are pretty much in a pattern.
Overall, it isnt that entertaining, and i have to say,
its 2/10 for me.


this thing is hard i mean dude i cant beat the dragon one they should make it first