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Reviews for "On The Moon (episode 3)"

I learned about shrimp! =D

That was good.
Just the right amount of wackyness and coherency.
Moon Keith Moon was a groovy touch.
An urn playing a bitchin' beat is always awesome.

I gotta go now, my carapace is killing me...

Pretty cool

I watched it once, and didnt get it. I watched it again with the subtitles and reallised how funny it is. Nice one weebl

It is good, I think.

Everything is perfect... but the story bores me a little...
It looks like a sitcom... I can even hear laugh from nowhere...
Anyways, you got an unbelievable talent in anibation.

Not to shabby

This was pretty good i loved the voices!

pretty funny

Very nice graphics, I wish I knew how to do that. Also good voice overs and lip sync. Story was pretty good, I can't wait for another episode.