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Reviews for "On The Moon (episode 3)"

3 great episodes in 3 days

hooray, the third episode has hit newgrounds. the series lives on. now if only you could finish episode four. can't wait, keep up the beautiful teamwork paebo/jonti :D

My carapace is killing me

Peabo, I am sending you some sperm in a jar because I want you to have my babies.

Hello Mr Mint Plant...

Another hil-i-arious episode.

Great animation, great voice acting, great everything! Hope to see more great stuff from on the moon.

"I didn't complain about your wine and cheese party last night"

Aha! Evolution!

Congratulations on another successful series. I can only imagine what it would take to inspire such a collection, however, this series is world's different than your traditional work. The animation is simply superb-- motions are fluid and timed perfectly.
The color scheme is pleasing and easy on the eyes while there's enough contrast to make the feature characters standout clearly from the rest of the scene.
The voice acting is very well scripted and performed-- the timing on delivery and audio splicing is of the best quality.
In all I have some very high expectations for this latest piece and interested in not only what direction it takes, but how your art will continue to mature.
And that is the crux of my review-- many author's find a style that suits them and stick to it indefinitely. The rare minority of animators these days truly understand the true depths of their talent or the means by which to express it. This is a testement to your love of your work-- growing into it as you continue to define it. The greater pleasure as a fan is seeing you come into your own and how your artwork will only continue to get better. Cheers.
~Ed (a.k.a. XjokerX)

You getting better!

You found you style.Keep it!