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Reviews for "On The Moon (episode 3)"

hillarious, as usual.

although theres this game, called Natural selection, where you can be an alien, and get upgrades for defense and stuff. and carapace is an upgrade, it increases your defense, so i think carapace is more of a shell than a head. althoughn it was a funny bit. who cares about being correct anyway?


This series gets funnier as it goes, good job

Now this is great.

I just watched all the On the Moon episodes and I must say this is coming out awesome, I just wish they were a bit longer. Usually to be honest, I wasn't a fan of your work at first (the Weebl stuff) but with these cartoons I think youv'e gotcherself a new fan.



I liked very much :)

- feel the vertigo *.*

My favourite series...

...next to Magical Trevor of course!
Peabo, my darling- I am a huge fan of the site "Weebls-Stuff" and was delighted that you alos post here, on Newgrounds. =D
Well, I simply LOVE "On The Moon". I thought the last two episodes were alright, but this one really was amazing! I couldn't stop laughing and I especially liked the whole, "You may be dead, but you've still got it where it counts, Moon Keith Moon". This was a wonderful animation... keep up the good work, sailor!