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Reviews for "On The Moon (episode 3)"

Sooooo good!

But I wanted Moon-Hitler. Still rather funny... and Insanity Prawn Boy, well, he's insane and a prawn, so that all fits. All good, then! A well-earned 10.

Ya know....

I love shrim-like things! Everyine loves shrimp-like things! Why? O_o Because they bow to me.... *hysterical manical laughter followed by a shy cough that causes blood to spurt from her mouth right before she passes out* ((Way too much Excel Saga... O_O. But i'm cute so I can do that! ^_^))


Moon Keith Moon was the greatest part.

My FP8 was messing up and I had to redownload it.

It was worth it, though. Nice flash. I enjoy this series. I hope you guys plan to make more.

Great animation and cool characters

It's nice to see new characters pop up once and awhile. I hope to see more episodes in the future. I like it!