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Reviews for "On The Moon (episode 3)"

Pretty cool

I watched it once, and didnt get it. I watched it again with the subtitles and reallised how funny it is. Nice one weebl


that was skilled flash man


Lol... my carapace is killing me.. that was nice

very funny

always liked the weeble en bob movies but this is good to
make more

Newgrounds Doens't deserve you guys

What are you doing? You guys have a brilliant site going, where you're getting the dedicated flash viewers of the internet, the creatives, the humour lovers, and you're still giving your stuff to this shitbox? Maybe it's just me, but it's a bit like filling a trough with caviar. I mean, it's a great site for people trying to get recognition, but since when do Jonti and Peabo need recognition.

Oh, anyway, brilliant flash Peabo. Defintiely the best On The Moon, but I've already expressed my opinions ON WEEBL'S STUFF FORUMS, where these things should be discussed, not here, with the people whose only maths is "if George Bush dies or there are badly animated boobs, it's a good animation".

Oh, by the way, no offence, Newgrounds.