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Reviews for "RagnaroK: Teh pwnzorz"

great movie i love clocks

good movie so good graph
keep up with the good word


atleast its not so boring as ragnarok itself


this movie was pretty nice actually, I like the graphics. You did a good job on this movie.


Normally this kind of thing would piss me off, but I was kind of entertained by the beautiful background followed by the "hah pwned no flash 4 u!!11!!! ending" most people just make a real long loading time followed by some words and loud static.

((( HMMMM )))

Hmmm well it does need some work and i think you know that, just even some detail here and there, just take your time and make it longer with characters that really come alive, also some nice effects and great presentation would make it a find and dandy flash...

More time and effort all the way around...

An ok flash but needs lots of details and effects...