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Reviews for "RagnaroK: Teh pwnzorz"


Normally this kind of thing would piss me off, but I was kind of entertained by the beautiful background followed by the "hah pwned no flash 4 u!!11!!! ending" most people just make a real long loading time followed by some words and loud static.

great movie i love clocks

good movie so good graph
keep up with the good word

NO! Hopes, smashed!

Damn it! I was under the impression it was going to be REALLY good, I said to myself , "Wow! Great graphics, this may be non-shitty!" Then, lo and behold, not only does it turn out to be bullshit, it is my most hated cliche' characters o nthe fucking internet: A FUCKING CLOCK!!! FUCK THAT! YOU SUCK HARD! That was the worse submission EVER!


Now I have start giving higher scores because you have shown me a new kinda suckage.