Reviews for "On The Moon (episode 2)"


The artwork, animation, and sound were all superb, however the story was a bit odd. The moon phone part was funny as was Moon Hitler, however Insanity-Prawn Boy's part in this was just not very good. I realize that a psycho like Insanity-Prawn Boy has potential as a character, but it just wasn't delievered here.

|| Good Points ||
*Superb Artwork
*Superb Animation
*Superb Sound
*Great Story

|| Bad Points ||


Wow this is one of the funniest series i have seen on newgrounds. well done. To rennie102 the prawn said "thats right" and the toast took it as the right testicle. then he said "looks like the left to me" meaning the left testicle. Get it?

the left?

i like it. TESTIKEL!!! but what ment the end-joke?

The left?

I'd rather not ask why the King's got Moon-Hitlers bollocks memorized. Anyways, this one's even better than last, the oddity of it keeps getting bigger.. 'the hell was he even calling those ladies(?) on the phone for anyways? AND WITHOUT A PENIS??

Question !!

Is Hitler The same coice as Foamy ??