Reviews for "On The Moon (episode 2)"


This is even funnier than your average weebl & bob
episode, which is usually v.funny.

I want more!

Unless you get yourself dubbed Moon Hitler... XD

Marvellous work, Peabo (and Weebl, of course)

hooray episode two :D

have you planned on releasing one a day, for three days? either way, great episode, and another powerful combination of paebo and jonti. hopefully you'll get daily first today instead of second :D <3

waahaa!! a big fat dooby! a big fat one!!

this was awesome!! but unless you get yourself dubbed I'll just have to ignore you moon-weebl


This one totally made up for the scantily clad flash that was part 1 :) It's rare that someone can use nazis without mocking them directly and get away with it, good job. On all respects, good job... except it was kind of cruel to the toast king to have the prospect of 2 (assumedly) lovely ladies joining him and then dismissing him for lack of... erm... membership.


HEy in the loading screen, the thing that spins around anhd looks cool when it loads , it wasnt working.. i had to sitdown.. and waIT... HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME MAN!!!