Reviews for "Reasoner- Living Transparent"


Not much to say. It's just beautiful. :)

No words... no tears..

I recently broke up with my girlfriend.. and iv been a wreck ever since.
And this song, although its sad and makes me think about her..
im not crying.. and iv cryed from your music before, but not tonight.
All i can do is smile and remember the good times. =]
Thanks so so so much Ryan.


All I can say is wow! What a wonderful song. Please continue on with your music.

Sweeeeet Jesus

This is incredible man, don't be hard on yourself! This is amazing! How long have you been a musician? I can tell you're a seasoned vet.


its wonderful :)
iam just starting learning playing keyboard/piano.
Do you use a keyboard? And when which one?
I hope some day I can play like you :)