Reviews for "Reasoner- Living Transparent"


this brought tears to my eyes, thanks for such a wonderful song! 10!


This is simple. And simple sometimes, is the most beautiful of all.
As a fellow Tennessean I know of some of these mundane jobs, haha, but you have great talent my friend. Who knows, maybe you could make it up to Nashville one day. I am going into film here, your piece would be wonderful in film, if I may, could I use this perhaps?
God bless


This is played beautifully. No matter what you may think of it, I think it's a work of art. It doesn't need any improvement, it's... well... beautiful.


this was really great

I sat there...

and the first time I listened to it, I was in a rush. So i didn't really see the point in wasting time to review it. Now's my chance!

I enjoyed this song's simple melody, I enjoyed YOUR song's simple melody. It was fantastic. One second I was just listening, and the next my jaw was at my feet. Keep up what you do. You're good. Very good. I wish I could get lessons from someone, I can play my keyboard to a very limited extent, I can't even multi-task bass melodies with normal ones. Like I said, Keep it up mate, and I JUST REMEMBERED. This song's story to me... Hmm... Sounds like a man walking down the street, and as he walks down the simple old street, time flies past him... And he watches people grow old, and the town grow, and everything flying past him. And it brings a tear to his eye to seee people grow, and prosper... And make happy families, children. Generations go past as everything grows.

Just my randition of a story for you. Thanks for making it. It was a joy to review it.