Reviews for "Reasoner- Living Transparent"

Who wants to here a sad yet Hopeful story...

What i am about to reveal is my personal life but this song has inspired me so much that i am wiling to open my self to you people so i can reveal to the world how a simple melody can change your life. When i was 13 my Grandma was in the hospital she was diagnosed with heart cancer... a week shortly after we were informed she died my family was shook and the look and the tears running down my fathers face was unforgettable and made me cry and i still am stricken by the memory, in the same year my grandpa was diagnosed with cancer also and on christmas eve he died that christmas was day was dark and silent so every christmas we can remember the death of my grampa... but months after i found reasoner and when i started listening to this i began to open up and thank of all the good memories that me and my gramparents shared and how i was lucky to have had them in my life and once i began to truly listen to you I was completely over it and then i showed my father this and he loves your work and every christmas we listen to this and makes us forget about our dead ones and makes us rejoice in happiness and shows us that Even when they are gone they will always be in am even greater place... in our hearts Thank you.


I don't know what you do for a living, but you're in the wrong line of work.

Amazing... Just...

I can't believe this. It's like... to amazing to be true. The way the music flows... the way it's put together... It's just amazing.... I can't believe someone out there still has the heart, the talent, the... I'm not even sure that it is... but.. something not many have... to make and write such beautfiul music... it's out of this world... so good.


This doesn't need any expansion. It's good enough without it. I suggest leaving your "miserably mundane job in Tennessee" and pursuing a new career. You should be a musician. (This would mean of course coming back here to inspire all of Newground's young composers. I was lost in this. Please make more.

Wow... Just wow.

This is beautiful and it flows SO well! 5/5, 10/10