Reviews for "Reasoner- Living Transparent"

Dearest Reasoner:

It has been said that music communicates things that spoken words alone cannot. That in meditation one learns things that the logical mind cannot even begin to comprehend. Looking through these reviews, you see how so many people have opened up to reveal so much more than their hearts to you, to the world. This is the healing power, the joy, the serene beauty of inspired music.

You have had your wish come true. Although nobody could top what you have created in this beautiful piano solo, your tune has been an inspiration to so many. I love this tune, the story behind it, everything. In fact, although I downloaded the tune many months ago, I remembered the tune this evening, and felt inspired to revisit Newgrounds again and have a look at it.
...And to congratulate you. I wish you all the best in this life, my friend.


This is already a masterpiece. It does not need to expand, its already very inspiring, peaceful and mellow.

That's why you can't make it better, because it already is the best it could be.

your works are amazing

I cannot begin to express my thanks to you right now. These songs have helped me realize that I still have a compassionate heart. I read a couple of stories (relating to mlp:fim, haters gonna hate) and they literally made me break down. Your songs are perfect for the mood I am in. They make me feel simply outstanding. I really wish I could rate more than a 10.

Flawless, Captivating, Imagination stimulated...

Seriously I have no words to define the softness of this composition, The track nears four minutes in length and provides an ample example of how the right music can mesmerize you. I am not a music critic but I will not hesitate saying that you sir have a real talent, This is a master piece without any of the slightest doubts. Listening to this track makes me think that music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. Ludwig van Beethoven once said "Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life" & Living Transparent is a true example of it. Best of luck in your future Sir Ryan.


Flood of Memories...

It's truly amazing, brought tears to my eyes the first time I listened to it. So evocative of long-past memories - past things unchangeable and never to be fixed. Such an emotional song, I'm sure everyone would agree. It brings back so many sad memories: death, tragedy, heartache. It also remembers that we need to appreciate our lives while they are still here. This work of beauty tells us it is time to move on. It has every aspect of music to make it flow steadily, with such peace it touches my heart. Thank you.
Truly Inspirational, <3