Reviews for "Reasoner- Living Transparent"

Gotta say this "little idea" seems very liked and more as if you've been WORKING on it for a long, long time. you(r mind) mister, is genius at musicyness :D
Now here comes my Opinion:

Nice music; loud but still calm, inspiring and brightening up.
Keep on the good work, man ;) this is one of the best reason(er :P)-s for continueing! good luck and greetings: Justinvh (~Fantasy)

simply amazing, and while im no musician i do what its like to need inspiration for a masterpiece(im a writer), so i will accept the challenge of attempting to make a song from this(just dont expect it anytime soon or for it to even be good)
from one artist to another-Good luck & nice job
-Berith The 2nd (Berith2nd)

The best one you've got!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful song, oddly enough, it helps me study for tests

I love how peaceful everything becomes once i listen to it, good job