Reviews for "More Violence"

Need to work on some things

General idea not bad, but its soemthing veeryone has seen before. As far as the animation the movements where very un-natural watch some kung fu movies or something get an Gi joe and move him the poses dont just draw things the way u think they should look if you want them to loook right.


Gi-go responds:

Is there something super natural about kung fu movies? Ive seen enough kung fu movies to rupture an artery but I dont see any kung fu based movies arounf here. Do you?

It was quite good!

but Seth, you should spend as much time on the people as you do on the background, they're alright, just can be betta.

Heh. I'm the Saviour.

The graphics here are holding you back.

What I see in the vampire/ninja bit: well, let me be up front here. I hate vampires. I hate ninjas (not ninjas as people, ninjas as a concept). I don't exactly hate people who LIKE vampires and ninjas, but at the same time they're not real high up on my list of people I want to hang around with. That said...

You've got a good eye for action and pacing. I mean, REALLY good. I think you'd make a great director. And you've got nice framing, nice scene choices, some nice little details (like the shadows in the opening bit with the sleepy guard), just really, really good here. But.

You need work in the graphics department. It's not that it's awful, it's just that it's nowhere near as good as the stuff I mentioned earlier. The animation is a little awkward in some places also... I remember in particular thinking this in the silhouette scene where he jump/flips over the guard, and in the shot where all we see are someone's feet.

Oh, and the decapitations. It started to approach the running joke level.

The Extras bit: Should have stopped after the windshield wipers. Then it would have been a nice little bit of dark humor. Everything after that was downhill.

The "Assylum" bit: It was like watching someone else play an FPS game with bad graphics. The sound was unintelligible most of the time, but judging by the one time I -could- understand it, this was a GOOD thing.

Unlike Gi-go's piece, I'm not sure that improving the graphics would have really helped this all that much. It would still have been kind of boring... like, well, like watching someone you don't know play an FPS game you've never heard of and will never get to play yourself.

Sup, Gi-go!

Wow, man. That was a nice animation. Not bad. I recognized the Tenchu boss theme easily. Some of the animation was pretty good but why did you make the main character so damn ugly? But anyways, that was good and the other guy's was okay. The flash in the Extras menu made me laugh cuz the guy was just running into things and then shot a guy standing in the middle of nowhere. Pure randomness. It was funny. Hopefully I'll get to show you one of my flashes soon when I get my lazy ass motivated enough to do it.


u guys have issues please get help!!!!

Gi-go responds:

I guess you didnt not the rating or disclamer, try opening your eyes next time