Reviews for "More Violence"


reminds of Tenchu...a reminder what i remembered

Great 8.5/10

((( NOTBAD )))

Wow this was good stuff, lots of action and intense battles, good graphics and smooth animation, only issue i have is the size, could be abit smaller, but overall nice job...

Just compress it somewhat...

Great graphics, good smooth animating, and lots of action...



Damn, u werent kidding when u said there'd be lots of violence. I dont have a problem with that in a flash movie, but the all the heads poping off in Gi-Go looked a little unrealistic. Not bad though. The ending was pretty creepy. Anyway, it wasn't that great, but it wasn't crap either. My favorite was Assylum Escapee b/c of the FPS style. Was it just me or was that inspired by Half-Life 2?

Nice one.

I think this movie really kicked ass.It should get atleast a frontpage(if it didnt).The Gi-go one was my favorite because it reminded me of tenchu wich i am a big fan of,and it was million times better than the other crap you make(No offence).

ummmmm not bad

yo i really liked the first one but the other 2 were shittastick! and wtf was up with the last thing? is was the crapyest thing ever!....but still the first one was awsome:P so i voted one what i thout of the first one....4

Gi-go responds:

Yeah we know the last one was shit thats why we took it out of the main feature and added it to extras