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Reviews for "Kingdumb hearts COM part2"

Let me ask you one question:

Do you like DDR? I heard that song in Dance Dance Revolution Extreme. The song is called B4U and there's the other mix too. DDR is my third favorite game. I like dancing. Even though if I'm 13 and I'm fat, I do relly good. One time I went to Redodno Beach (located on Los Angeles). I plyed a song that was heavy mode and the difficulty was 10. The song was called Bag. The artist was Reven-G. I swear that was so hard, that I almost felt like if I was going to pass out. I never did this good. DDR and In the Groove is a great game to workout. There's this new game called In the Groove. Have you heard of it before because that game is twice as hard than DDR and twice funner. What you could do in the game is you could put mods. Mods are objects that have different effects. For example: there's tornado, blink, fade in, fade out, and a whole mess of them. Two days ago, me and my family went to the arcade for a while and when I went inside, they changed the In the Groove game to In the Groove 2 game. When i played it, it was fun. I saw this mexican guy (I think it is) that put mods and believe me it was so hard to know what to step on. I really got to buy that game for the PS2! I can't wait to get it! (back to the judging) The plot I didn't get it. What accually happened in the story. I didn't really make sense, but still since you put that DDR music, I put the score higher for you. And holy crap. You did a whole mess of movies on NG. I'm really waiting for Sonic Movie Madness 3.3. Good luck doing that and bye. (Damn. I left a BIG review for you)

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Afraid i actually never played DDR ^^;
Zody gave me the i wanna dance song last time, from the dance game Para para paradise, when i looked for a substitute song for a music video for kingdom hearts, i tried looking for more Para para paradise songs first, but they're hard to find, so i purchased the whole DDR soundtrack instead, and picked this song.

The only 2 dancing games i played are space channal 5 and Samba la amigo for the dreamcast, for both i got a demo of the game with a gaming magazine and my sister bought the full versions, i never cared about the games, tough space channal 5 had some good songs.. maybe ill get that soundtrack too someday


You did a flash with the DDR song B4U in it!?
It's official: I LOVE YOU!! ^_^
You have to use B4U Glorious Style, or even D2R in an ending dance piece in one of your upcoming flashes, please?
Loving your work as always.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

B4U has another remix? cool.
I'll look for this D2R song then

Yay!!!!! My favorite

You are one of the greatest flash maker here because of your funniest dancescene and stuff........
and what is your flash maker so i can also make some flash. it so hard using macromedia flash professional 8 and i only download the trial please tell me

RogerregoRRoger responds:

well i wrote my story about flash
there, but it sucks so i suggest you go to www.flashkit.com to look for better tutorials. Flash aalso has interesting build-in tutorials

Normaly i write long reviews...

But this is just wow....really random and somehow so good >.<

awsome movie

But the dance scene was the BEST part keep it up man