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Reviews for "Kingdumb hearts COM part2"


Love all the kingdum hearts movies.. lol. lauging my ass of everytime, u gotta make more. :D

RogerregoRRoger responds:

okay ^^:

Front page material...

Funny...So very funny...Make more...I'm begging you.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Oh, I'm making more movies.
Have no new kingdom hearts movies planned yet tough

i liked it

its a pretty good movie and the imp is too your a really good flash artist dude

RogerregoRRoger responds:

okay, thanks ^^


I already said this before but I'll say it again: You're so damn good. YOU'RE A GENIUS! My new favorite flash author :D *dances*

But where was Marluxia?

RogerregoRRoger responds:

glad you liked it.
I only know Axel, Lurxia(the blond girl) and that guy that gets killed by axel in KHCOM, the others were from a big group picture of the organisation, so if there's someone missing, that person just wasn't on the group pic :S

That movie was Halrious

I loved it i hope you make another one.So please make anoter one. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

RogerregoRRoger responds:

all in good time.