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Reviews for "Kingdumb hearts COM part2"


AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! bes wel vet rap!

RogerregoRRoger responds:

okay, danke ^^


dude funny as fuck 11 things i like to say

1.I thought that overcoated guy was Axel

2. in the musical when donald was kicking that duck with the glasses hes like U FUCKING RIPOFF HOW DARE U TAKE CARE OF MY NEPHEWS

3. u didn't had to add other disney people whos not in the game but its just a spoof u can do whatever u want

4.did u play final fantasy 7 because cloud doesn't have Vincet Valatines cape i ask that because thats what he looks like how u drawed cloud from FF7

5. when it showed all those pictures of all disney people i saw sonic in one of them

6.damn sephiroth got owned why didn't aeris get sword and when she saw sephirothwhy can't just do that like in this movie

7. how the fuck can that guy can take over world when a keyblade

8. once again another movie that has wheeeeee yeah

9. axel said cool i want to double my myself he kind of laughed and said whee at the sametime and that didn't make any sense but it doesn't matter

10. u have had soras hair spike up in Kingdumb hearts COM1 and this but what the fuckin hell


RogerregoRRoger responds:

1.i have no idea who the coated guy was, so he remains the coated guy.

2. Donald beat the crap out of scrooge because scrooge always mutalitaes and tortures donald if something goes wrong

3. Au de contraire, i added disney characters that specifcly didnt appear on Kindomhearts on purpse

4.Cloud is also a cahracter in kingdom hearts itself idiot, and there he has a cape.
ANd even so, whas wrong doing on a cape? capes rule.

5. thats possible, i dont remember.. i did all kind of crazy stuff.

6.Because that wouldnt be funny

7. I dunno, ask the coated guy.

8. yah

9. Axel would love to have his own doppleganger. Whats ahrd to udnerstand about that?

10.Huh?Well sora's hard to draw, damn anime hair

11.yeah yeah


that was way funny just like the other shows and Axel made me laugh so hard and it was pretty good please make one on Kingdom Hearts 2 and if you do I can't wait to see what you do with Roxas

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Yeah, i got a few ideas for kingdom hearts 2, including roxas, but it will take a long while till i have time to make it.


Man this is great!
Vierdly drawn but that the reason there perfect =)
A funny video-game parody...Need i say more?
I can hear everything clearly so that a good thing!
The terible dancing??? o.O
Urrrr its a movie....
Warning Extemely funny flash movie might couse mild bellyake mild loss of breath and extreme hazard of faling off ur chair =)
Well im done bye!
Wheeeee!*runs off a clift*


Omg that was funny beat COM on Riku mode yesterday it shows Roxas standing on the tower in twilight town its cool looking