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Reviews for "Kingdumb hearts COM part2"

More random dance ^_^

I realy love more random dance and the music is good wher do you
find them?

Normaly i write long reviews...

But this is just wow....really random and somehow so good >.<


The music video rocks! I liked the fast forward thing you did at the begininning. Graphics need more work.

And he does it again

This would actually be even more funny if I knew what happened in CoM. Hmm, maybe this makes it more funny that I DON'T know... maybe because I use to know and I forgot... but I remembered something new? Eh, who knows? I don't, but anyways, it's funny how the Organiazation had nothing better to do than to drift into another music video. And that dummy move by Sephiroth at the end was classic.


Man this is great!
Vierdly drawn but that the reason there perfect =)
A funny video-game parody...Need i say more?
I can hear everything clearly so that a good thing!
The terible dancing??? o.O
Urrrr its a movie....
Warning Extemely funny flash movie might couse mild bellyake mild loss of breath and extreme hazard of faling off ur chair =)
Well im done bye!
Wheeeee!*runs off a clift*