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Reviews for "Kingdumb hearts COM part2"


veryyyyyyyyyyyyy funny i tink kingdom hearts 3 the game coming soon

I died laughing: don't worry, I pressed cointiue

That was hillarious, but what game was the timestone reference from?

This speaks to me...

Kiby: I didn't have any problems when I played it and you know, I think sora should have just left in the game. I loved the music, I watched this video over and over again to hear the song. Same as last time, great grafics, great voices.
Good Job.

Not the best of the Kingdumb hearts but still good

This Kingdumb hearts felt kind of short compared to the other ones, but it was still really, really funny. It was funny seeing how fake Riku could only move his arms back and forth while Riku could breakdance like a pro and still everybody was awestruck by fake Riku and the fact that at the end the best plan they could come up with was to dance. The only problem with the movie was the fact that when the movie was done loading the play button showed up for a split secound, but then it jumped right into the movie before you could even click it, but I am not counting off any points for that because the movie still played. Overall this movie was kind of short, but it was so awesome that it made up for it.

Kind of pointless.

Not in a bad way, because I enjoyed it, and the music vid. was awesome (as usual). Still, I thought you didn't need to make a part 2, just combining them was fine. I shouldn't complain though, I was just introduced to an awesome song, what was it called again, because I checked everywhere and I can't find it!