Reviews for "Milano Toons 003"

Great as always :)

You guys did it again and ill hope you guys go to front page someday and btw add the stryline longer and add some music on the flash background of the gives it a little flavor next time do that k.

pretty good,is this gonna be daily?

i liked the jack nicholson one and l1fty,but this gonna be daily,you should make a whole bunch and not realease them and keep making them,then a year from now realease them on one day so the whole portal will be Milano infested,lol, im already plotting my "invasion" lol


This was as always awesome, but this particular one was kinda depressing, there was no menu music, and they all made me sad. Also you need to add mikey to the beginning, it shows three of the turtles but where's michelangelo!! orange, come on!!! otherwise cool

I am the savior

so when can expect my thanks and check for $2000 lol

No Blam For You!

Great as always!