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Reviews for "Blockhead: Episode 1"

Good Job!

Alright. I'm going to be reviewing your entire series! YAY!


1) The graphics-Great. I think you did a good job.

2) The sound-Alright. Some times it was a little difficult to understand the fat guy.

3) It was good. I liked it a lot.

The graphics and sound melded together nicely, forming a cute little story that got a couple giggles out of me.


like i said....sweet


in the start i thout it was stupid
but when the fun started it was SOOOOOO great!!! cool

That was a sexy couch.

That guy was an idiot. It didn’t make sense but it was funny. I can’t wait to watch the fucking others.

blockhead kicks @$$

im in love with the blockhead series!!!!!!!!!! keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!