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Reviews for "Blockhead: Episode 1"


dial the number stupid dial the number stupid dial the number stupid!!!!!!! o christ why did u hang up dont put that in ur mouth :lol i couldent stop laughing i always need my dose of idoit i wacth these evreyday i enjoy them alot!!!!!!!!


i think blockhead is great, and you swain are now one of the most popular author in new grounds history.


lol luvs me this stuffs! XD

youve been here for 15 years and never paid for cable lololololololXD XD XD soooooooooooooo funnyyyy!!!!!!!


Blockhead is amazing, one of the funniest things on newgrounds :)

There's only one thing to do now,,,

Stare at the TV for 15 years when it's off. : D