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Reviews for "Blockhead: Episode 1"

Who's at the door?

THE END! (funniest part)

I believe it is a great cartoon. Really.

Its just that.... i couldn't understand a thing. By this i mean, i come from somewhere not US or UK. Im pretty good at the english language though, but i can't really understand what they are saying. So... In your future cartoons, try to work a bit more on announcation, as it is an important part of making flash. Maybe even put some optional subtitles in, for those who are hearing impaired? How'sa that sound? The main reason i gave it the points i did, was of the things i could understand. For example i gave "Sound" a 0 because i understood NOTHING audible in this movie. So if either subtitles or better anouncation would make a lot more people able to possibly enjoy your cartoons (possibly or definitly, i don't know), and that might be nice.


lame, funny, interesting, and weird all in one....yeaaaaaaa

okay, but not okay

it was funny but it is obviously stolen from bob the ball. the photoshopped photo's, and that maxis-like music. it's just too ripped off. but allow me to say it again... it IS funny

Not that funny

Stupid is notoriously funny, but somehow it didn't work here.