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Reviews for "Blockhead: Episode 1"

Blockhead Is Look Like Roblox Noob

Nice and cool.

As the first episode in a beloved series, it's great to see where we all got started! The animation does look older. I appreciate the few number of characters. Actually, most people probably don't even known Blockhead's conscience. That's his conscience, right? Maybe it's his intelligence?

I liked the jokes. Why is he called Blockhead? His head is a ball! He looks like one of those happy faces. I guess they aren't very smart.

This is a classic!

I fffffffffffffreakin love Blackhead. He is like a mascot of of my own life,sitting there like an idiot, starring at the screen. I even dressed up like him during Halloween. I watched this episode so many times I remember the entire thing. Also, I am sad you stopped making these :'((((((((. Anyways love your work man. Good werk.