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Reviews for "Blockhead: Episode 1"


that was gr8. that dude reminds me of myself

holy shit!

thats exactly what i did last night... so i gave you all tens even though it wasnt vilent what so ever!

Carl reborn...or aged

Why did it seem to me like the guy in the chair was just like/is carl from Aqua Teen? Dont matter to me, I thought this was funny. Going to watch part 2 now!

The-Swain responds:

It's strange: the more that people watch this, the more I hear that people relate the Conscience to Karl - all they've got in common is a Northern voice and a weight problem, though. I assure you that my original concept for Blockhead is older than Aquateen :) But I do admit to there being some inadvertent similarities, and I hope that future episodes will illustrate the uniqueness of the character.

And thanks for the review; hope you enjoyed the cartoon!


I like this series!

It's funny, but not vile, disgusting or full of death! Original.


Wow, my new favorite series

I love the style, the concept, the execution and the humour

Good job, finally somehting that is funny at newgrounds that is fresh and not ridiculously forced