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Reviews for "Maelstorm (EliteFerrex Remix)"

Well done!

I most definitely approve! Quite enjoyable to listen to, and, inspiringly, the first time one of my tracks has been remixed. Thanks!

rtnario responds:

Thanks for letting me remix your track in the first place; glad you like it.

Dramatic and perfectly orchestrated

The orchestration was stunning. Instead of being upstaged by the lead guitar, the two balance each other out with the speed and distortion of the guitar with the slower, cleaner sound of the choir voice. As usual, the intro grabbed me immediately. As it continues, I can find myself constantly impressed by the melodies. Each song of yours is so unique and amazing in its own way, but out of all of the great works, this has got to be my favorite. To give this review a little more substance rather than just excessive praise, though that is what the song deserves, I would agree that there should be some transition at 1:40 from the guitar to the orchestration, but quite honestly, I don't care. Best symphonic metal track I've heard on Newgrounds. Amazing work!

rtnario responds:

Wow, I don't know what to say...you've reviewed multiple works of mine ranging from originals to remixes; from rock to "video game" metal, folk metal and now symphonic metal. I really appreciate the review, and know what you refer to when you mention the choir, orchestration and guitars. After all, we have similar music tastes ^^

Again, yep, I really did rush myself in a way not thinking of adding a fading sustained note at 1:40 or even some noise from the guitar that signals the intro replaying at the end. What can I say - I was eager to get this track on Newgrounds Audio for everyone to hear XD Thanks so much for the detailed (fluffy and excessive, but detailed XD) review. Thanks even more for continuous and consistent reviews on my works; at least I now know two people in NG who I can rely on to criticize my work. :)

If you liked Maelstorm, the future will have more symphonic metal pieces from me. It's actually one of my most favorite (sub)genres of metal and likewise I have lots of concepts for songs in the genre waiting to be finished. But I'll share this one last thought of mine - one day, Newgrounds Audio will hear symphonic power metal, and it'll come from me. One day. ;)


good work! make it longer!

rtnario responds:

...nah, it's fine the way it is but thanks anyway :)


HOLY CRAP, MAN! 8C That guitar is really sample-based?! The whole mess sounds awesome. reminds me of Guilty Gear / BlazBlue's tunes (don' recall the guy's name, sadly), or even a bit Nightwish. All good points.

It is epic, it is power! I am in awe! :o

rtnario responds:

Believe it. =) It's really meant to be a symphonic metal piece, and you can thank EliteFerrex for the original melody...which was completely in 8-bit, mind you XD Thanks so much for the review, the 4 favs I saw and the fav on me!


your music made me sign in just so i can rate your work AMAZING MUSIC cant stop listening to awsomeness

rtnario responds:

Yeah, apparently I just noticed that when I checked your account, and thanks so much for doing so :)