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Reviews for "Maelstorm (EliteFerrex Remix)"

overall good

liked the guitars(s) and the drums were some of the best ive heard on a NG track before.
However just one complaint.
The piano in the beginning was far to high pitched.
For some reson i thouht this was the beginning of a ballad lol.
Overall i loved it though:D
(Loved the angelic chorus in the back, always a nice touch in a metal song)

rtnario responds:

The guitarss? :D j/k

I don't play drums at all, but still try hard to make them awesome based on the music I listen to (Wintersun, Dark Moor, Machinae Supremacy, Fairyland, etc.) and from a close friend of mine who's a drummer. I don't agree with the piano thing though, I like it where it is ^^; Ballad? Could've been, but hey, I did say this was symphonic metal didn't I? :)

Thanks for the review!

Good, but not neccesarily Great.

It was very well composed, but the sound just didn't feel too unique. Good job, but still, you have room to improve.

rtnario responds:

Well, I appreciate all kinds of constructive criticism, thanks for that, but what would really help is if you help me find this "room to improve". Like, mention certain parts of the song that I should change. It would really help :)

Anyhow, thanks for listening, the review and the fav on this and two other works of mine!


this...is....just....what...how....FU CKING OMG SHIT THIS IS GREAT!!! POWER METAL ON BURNING HOOVES OF VICTORY!!!start a band; slay them all. do it fucker.

rtnario responds:

Heh, thanks. Also, if everything goes well in the future, a power metal band with Philippine origin will rise up to gain international recognition and popularity. Just saying.

Nice! Good work man :P!

You are beginner for you but for me it's more than beginner heh heh... Tbh, I didn't post anything on Newgrounds... because I don't know how to do anything of that XD... I need a teacher ROFL... anyways... The music in basic was really nice! Sure, some adjust need to be in that Masterpiece. (Yeah that true <(^v^)>! ) Keep up good work! You're not pretty bad in remix :D.

Two Thumbs Up!!
-¯-_-¯-_ ellder7 (supose to be Hellder7 DX)
4.28 / 5.00 (+ 0.0097)

rtnario responds:

First of all, I've been composing since 2002, so I'm definitely not a beginner but more of not quite a professional. ^^; If you want to start composing yourself, then really, you just have to try it out yourself and see if you like it! :)

Thanks for the review, and if you liked this "remix", I have 9 others before this. So if ever you have nothing to do...

This needs to be in something

There arn't many songs which are 'positive' (or whatever asdfgdff). This is one of the few, and it's fucking brilliant.

rtnario responds:

True, and thanks!