Reviews for "Animus: Prologue"


This is going to be a great and (I hope) moving series. The music is wondeful, and fitting. Hope it turns out well!

Cleod-9 responds:

Ha, I knew what music I was going to use before I even started making it.

Wow totally awesome!!!

That was the best intro that I ever saw.
Well good luck if you making Animus

Great job, man, great job
(p.s. look at my review on A Super Mario World Ep.2, there's a question on it)

Cleod-9 responds:


cant wait

cant wait to see it altho you could skip most of the credits as they all are cleods 9 apart from the music so u could say somthing like written prodused etc. by cleod 9 the go to the music.

any way cant wwait to see it it looks cool... sorry its better than cool but my vocabulary is very small considering my small knowledge


wait a minute the "animus" did too appear in "assassin's creed

After you finish SFF2..

That was epic. At the end it was like Devil May Cry! You shall make the series after you finish SSf2 :D