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Reviews for "Griswold the Goblin"

A great game in fact!

I dont have much to say , its a great and original game , solve puzzles and interact with characters in a non-violent way.The graphics are also really good, it take some time to end the game so it is worth to play.


I loved this game. The graphics were pretty amazing, even in low quality (yes, I rotated through the quality xD) and the sound matched very nicely. It kept me occupied, which is saying a lot considering I get bored extremely easily. =P And you even included humour that was silly but still funny! Very well done. More is always a good thing! =D

Great game XD

This is a great game i enjoyed very much !!

I laughed at some of those scenes they were funny as hell good job and carry on I want to see another Griswold XD

reviews are funny

the game was great but what i really like was the reviews other people wrote. In the beginning where you click go i clicked the button 30 times before reading what it said and i thought to myself i wonder how many people did the same and never bothered to read then exclaiming there's a bug and giving it a zero. so i decided to check and like 20 people did this. rofl idiots.

Loved it.

Awesome game, this is like my 5th time playing it. Now that you have a new one out, I'll play this one more time and move onto the next.

Make more games please, I love your work. :)