Reviews for "Griswold the Goblin"


ok ive made the potions with the bat and the cat, the mushroom and roach one too but it wont let me open the gate, it just says i cant use it here plus how do i get the chicken and the axe. i would look at the walkthrough but it aint workin for me HELP PLZ!!

Phantasmagor responds:

Casper Here:

your doing well!
-first of all you dont actually need the axe.
-you dont have the meteor potion yet, that is the one which you use on the gate
-to get the chicken there is whole load of stuff to be done, first you must speak with the girl, then look at the teddy bear in the talking tree, then speak with the tree, then go speakwith the lumber jack and you will start a mini game, beat the mini game and the lumber jack will walk off then talk to the tree and he will give you the teddy bear which you then give to the girl to get chips, now use the chips on the chicken to keep it still then take it!!
Ok i think thats all, if you have any more trouble just feel free to email me! Thanks for reviewing!


But I don't think that the part where you have to begin all over again is neccessery, it is pretty annoying. I like the graphics and the game itself, great job, well done.

Need some help

Hey the game is great so far im just stuck on the last potion if you can help me out alittle it would be apperciated i just have no clue where to go to use it. Still a great game thought

Stuck but trying

Hello creator! I really like your game and I've been playing for a while now. Unfortunately, I am stuck. I have been reading the reviews and I've done just what I can on my own. Please don't think I'm stupid or lazy. I've also tried looking at the link you give out and checked your main page. The problem I am facing is that I cannot get the Scuba gear to work. Do I need to take it to someone? Or add something to it? I've tried looking at it and clicking it on myself... No dice. If you would please help, I would really like to finish the game!

I've also made some of the potions and I wonder how to use them. Clicking them on my self? Oh well, if you deign to respond, I shall be glowing with gratitude.



I love these kind of games and this is one of the best on newgrounds
great job