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Reviews for "Griswold the Goblin"

good game

its good but how the hell do i put the fur and the bat into the potion bottle???!?!?!

Great game!

That was a pretty fun game, but it has some bugs in it. Whenever you have to use the scuba gear to get to that dragon, it started me out right underneath the opening of the cave it was in. Other than that, nice game!


defently fun!

I really enjoyed the game, the walk-thru helped but the sledding game was really hard for me!! Those kind of games always are though, so heh.. Good anyways!

good job

This is one of those walking around put objects together to accomplish your goal games. Some things are difficult to figure out at first but eventually you'll get them. So all in all if you have time to kill and nothing better to do then play this, who knows you may get a cheap laugh or two.

Solid cliking puzzle game

Ok this took me about an hour and a half to beat got stuck cause I didnt pick up the spell book.

-Matches: found in your home, Used to burn scarecrow and retrieve gasoline can
-Gasoline can: found after burning scarecrow, used in Meteor potion
-Cockroach: found in your home under a rock, Use in ??? potion
-Blue mushroom: Found right outside your home, Also used in ??? potion
-Rotten Apple: Found 2 screens to the right of your home, In inventory screen use the right window to grab the worm to use for fishing guy at beach
-Teady Bear: Found in brances of old tree, talk to tree after talking to little girl, then challange luberjack to duel to recieve bear, Used to get corn chips
-Corn Chips: Found from returning teady bear, Used to distract chicken
-Chicken: found one screen to right of your home, Use next to goblin merchant to recieve key and free man from cage
-Scuba gear: Recieved after freeing caged man and returing to his shop, Used at waterfall to swim to dragon
-Bottles x 3: found in dumpster to the right of the library, used in making 3 potions
-Spell Book: found in dumpster to right of library, used to create potions
-Banana: Steal from banana merchant after he falls asleap, used to lure monkey into water
-Worm: Found in rotten apple, used by fisherman to catch you a fish
-Fish: Recieved from fisherman, use to get cat out of the tree at cemetary
-Cat: recieved after giving fish in cematary, give to cat lady to get hairball
-Hairball: Used in making invisibility potion
-Bat: recieved after you escape coffin, used in invisility potion
-Dragon scale: found in cave after using scuba gear at waterfall, Must use invisibility potion to get to scales, used to make metor potion
--Potions: Besure to have all 3 bottles and book from dumpster then go to salty beach to fill all 3 bottles, add ingredients in order listed in book
-???: potion used in final battle
-Invisibility potion: used to get dragon scales
-Meteor potion: used to destroy wall
--Final notes
-Weeping widow is uselless and annoying leave her be
-Once at castle there is a back entrance
-Inside castle to start final battle go to book case on second shelf use grab to open secret entrance
-final battle throw potion above his head to crumble the castle and start escape scene.