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Reviews for "Griswold the Goblin"



The part about toutching himself is perverted but great overall

#2 game i've played on newgrounds

WOOT! WOOT! *Plz Respond*

Great Game. Really challenging, but fun nonetheless.

Graphics I liked. Cartoony feel is great

Amazing style. I like how u stuck to the wacky anything-can-happen theme.

Sound was a liitle repetitive, but it fit in the the game nicely. Farts got a little annoying

Almost no violence. Scarecrow and monkey scenes contain a little violence. But this kind of game doesn't that musch bloo, guts, and gore in it.

Interactivity is the whole point of this genre of gaming, and you hit it on the mark.

Very finny game. It made me giggle. Hey! Stop checking urself out and get back to work! *whew* funny

Overall- Great work! Since most people are so ignant about the instructions, in ur next 1 tell them u HAVE to read it to move on.

I need help. I have a furball, scuba stuff, a trange mushroom, an apple without a worm in it, and a dead bat and a can of petrol. I have NO idea how to get past the dragon or the wall. Plz help me. :)

Also, I saw on a gravestone R.I.P Bebe. You will be missed. Does that have anything to do with the game?

The Best

Very fun game i liked it. Heck all your games rock i like the 4 choices (Touch, Talk, Select, Look.) Good job make Griswold The Goblin 2

Peace, Iceflans


werd but cool


I really had a good time playing this game. I thought the character was funny and interacted in interesting ways with the environment. I also appreciate the save option. Looking forward to more.