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Reviews for "Griswold the Goblin"

Great great!

This maybe the first time I give this good points to any flash. However, this simply deserved it. It's great to see that people still can make lucasarts/sierra-ish games with original touch. Puzzles are confusing (and absurd) enough and it's full of good laughs. Thumbs up!

Phantasmagor responds:

Casper Here:
Wow great to see you appreciated the work that went into this game. If only more people were like you :D


Not only did the game look good (even in low quality)(yes my computer is that bad), but the sounds for talking made me crack up. Repeatedly. The only fault in the sound was that the voiceovers for the wizard were. . . umm. . . terrible. The game was possibly one of the most humorous things I have ever seen (and believe me, I have seen some pretty humorous things in my life), and every time griswold farted, I almost fell of my chair laughing. Then, of course, there were the death messages, such as ROFLMAOBAO THAT'S ONE GRUMPY SCARECROW!! and W00T PWNED BY A MONKEY!!!!1 (or something hilarious along those lines). The escape sequence was hilarious too. I died on purpose a few times just to see and hear Griswold hit the tree. Oh yeah and I almost suffocated when I accidentally turned the sofa into a beast and it squashed me, and also when griswold turned big, and then disappeared into nothing.

I know you're already thinking that this is a massive review, but that's how good the game was, and it goes on even more ;)

Aside from the uproariousness of the game itself, the interactivity was awesome. It was pretty challenging, and I had to use the walkthrough on some forum to beat it. I recommend that you play this game. And get pwned by the scarecrow and monkey. just for fun.

Lol Goblin Farts

I like how you mix humor minigames and puzzles. I look forward to the sequel to this game.

the red herring says...

...i serve no purpose :)

Really good!

I'm excited to play the sequels!