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Reviews for "Griswold the Goblin"

this is fuken hard

This was fun but what does pwned mean?The monkey was fuken haliris

Excellent game!

I loved it...captivated me throughout. Puzzles were logical and fun. Graphics were great. Very well done.

I only wish the game had ended with a complicated puzzle instead of the arcade-style thing...

But that's just because I wanted more...

1+3+3+7 = U

Nice, man. I played this a while back, and saw it again, so i thought - "hell, why not?", and it still kicks ass. Can't wait for the next installment - keep rockin'!

Do Not Look if you want to get ur items urself!!!!

Ok I had some help but here you go!
-Matches: found in your home

-Gasoline can: found after burning scarecrow

-Cockroach: found in your home under a rock

-Blue mushroom: Found right outside your home

-Rotten Apple: Found 2 screens to the right of your home

-Teady Bear: Found in brances of old tree

-Corn Chips: Found from returning teady bear

-Chicken: found one screen to right of your home

-Scuba gear: Found in the shop where the fruit stand is

-Bottles x 3: found in dumpster to the right of the library

-Spell Book: found in dumpster to right of library

-Banana: the banana merchant after he falls asleep

Worm- found in rotten apple

-Fish: Recieved from fisherman

-Cat: recieved after giving fish in cematary

-Hairball:-From the crazy old cat lady

Bat: recieved after you escape coffin

-Dragon scale: found in cave after using scuba gear at waterfall

-Potions:Be sure to have all 3 bottles and book from dumpster then go to salty beach to fill all 3 bottles, add ingredients in order listed in book

Any notes: I had some help with the bottles with some of the reviews,
but it was an awesome games, although the farting was a bit
disgusting, and I kinda copied from another reveiw so u could see sort of
wat the other person was typing. Awesome game, awesome graphics, although you could have had a voice instead of of those strange sounds.

Awesome game,
Sowatsup753 (see ya!!)


but veryyyyyyy hard still cant beet need walktrhuogh plz