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Reviews for "Griswold the Goblin"


nice rpg game,the story is good,graphic great,just a great game

Great great!

This maybe the first time I give this good points to any flash. However, this simply deserved it. It's great to see that people still can make lucasarts/sierra-ish games with original touch. Puzzles are confusing (and absurd) enough and it's full of good laughs. Thumbs up!

Phantasmagor responds:

Casper Here:
Wow great to see you appreciated the work that went into this game. If only more people were like you :D


ive played this game a million times and it still doesnt get boring, this has got to b 1 of my favourite games on newgrounds


really enjoyed it

there where only a couple of things i didnt like in the game that maybe you could add in the 2nd one. so people will not get mad when they died because they forgot too save you could add checkpoints when they get too new areas. also you could add a button at the bottom to change the music too somehting or mute it cause that one song got annoying after awhile. and last of all you should also make him burb instead of fart but other than that loved this game and i hope too see your next one soon!!!

Incredible that you can do that!

The game is really advanced. The sound as well when the characters talk is funny and a good substitute for real voices.