Reviews for "Griswold the Goblin"

Nice RPG

Good rpg preety straight forward.Objectives and goals were clear enough problems, most were easy.Graphics were excellent controls superb.But the only thing i dont like is the dea you have to click on 'touch,pick up,look,talk' maybe if when you click on a person its on auto interact and when you click on an object its auto pick to ( into inventory to i thought that was a pain ) etc.Looking forward to more RPG enteries from you in the future.

Phantasmagor responds:

Casper here:
Hey man thanks for the awesome suggestions, we will certainly take them into account when making the sequel!

Not bad...not bad at all...

This is actually a very well constructed RPG game. A lot of the objectives were certainly clear enough and most of the problems were easy to figure out.

However, it seems at times that talking to these people were often times pointless and just generally made to do stuff for. I wish that people were actually more helpful in the game than nonconstructive.

And what was the point of the weeping woman? I kept wanting to talk to her, but she literally served no purpose in the story.

Also it looks like the dragon was drawn in the style of Dr. Suess. LOL. It didnt look quite scary to me..but thats style choice, so I wont rag on it much.

I thought a lot of the other parts were great, but sometimes I was wandering, not knowing what in the world to do. Some of the problems werent exactly clear enough at times and switching between seeing, talking, and touching is a pain that most of the time I just kept touching on instead of other things.

The 3 things I had the biggest trouble with:

1. Realizing that you have to pull the worm from the apple. I knew that apple had something to do with the boy at the sea, becuase Ive seen the worm, but a nice hint would have sufficed or something. I didnt know what was the point of keeping the apple afterwards.

2. Figuring out how to get the monkey to move. When you said "he needs to be lured or chased into a trap" I thought you meant the cage that the shop owner was stuck in. I didnt get the connection between the banana and the river.

3. How to destroy the evil dude at the end. I was totally confused on what to do here. I only thought I could click on the goblin or the dude..I didnt know I could click on other objects. You dont realize these things when you never have time to find them out before you get zapped.

At least you had a good walk through. I only used it at those points. The rest was pretty obvious. I really enjoyed the mini games, those were fun, and the game was built very solidly. Even though that one mini game where he is trapped in the coffin, kind of threw me off. That is the only mini game that doenst start out with a ...hey do this stupid.

Oh and the story was kind of cliche, but I guess I cant complain that much, at least it didnt suck like most RPGs out there. Make more, I will defintly play again. AND THANK YOU FOR TESTING IT. THANK THE LORD...somebody knows what good testing is all about instead of having a game with a thousand bugs in it.

Phantasmagor responds:

Casper here:
Wow It's great to see you liked and yes, many MANY hours were spent debugging this, we were pretty much debugging non stop all this week!

Thanks for the suggestions, with the problems you had, I think its good to have a little difficulty in the game, we dont want people to complete too quickly. Sometimes it is actually neccissary to speak with people to progress in the game such as you must speak with oscer before you can take his scube gear, its pretty much necissary to speak with all the characters in fact. Accpt there were a few extra conversations thrown in for fun and hints.

About the library and the weeping woman, they originally did have a purpose and a story but, certain events (Hurricane Katrina) set us back and we were forced to cut the game short.
Anyway thanks for the great review man, good to see you enjoyed it!

BTW - there will be a sequel coming soon hopefully in 1-2 months :D!

Awesome I've Been Waiting For A Game Like This!

I've always been a fan of games like myst and though this isn't exactly like myst it was a nice twist to the genre. I found it very fun to play and it didn't get boring to fast like most games of this type tend to.

I did find a bug you should look into though, if you select the scuba gear in your inventory and then have the touch cursor active and click on the scuba gear again in it's detail window it will duplicate it. I didn't find any other items that did that.

The only thing that bugs me is what was the purpose of the widow, bebe's grave, the locked up library, and the golden statue looking item in the trash? Unrelated elements to the plot leading to an easter egg mayhaps or just random junk...i wanna know.

At any rate a great addition to newgrounds, keep em coming :D

Phantasmagor responds:

LiL' g here:

We not going to give any hints out but beat the game and one of your questions will be answered. As for some of the other ones, the word may never know :)
-LiL' g

nice game, a few flaws, but good

the game so far is good. if i could just figure out how to put the potion together to keep playing...thats another story. anyone who reviewed this, maybe give me some help. i know what needs to be put in the potions. but not how to mix them.

Phantasmagor responds:

Hey great to see you liked it man. To mix potions all you have to do is select the item you want to put in, then click on the potion in the inventory and then onto the picture of the potion in the display window in the inventory. But also rememeber to add water first, I think thats what you may have forgotten!

Great game, Unique too!

hey, this is a really great game - i like the fact that it's unlike anything else i've played. Uh, i have however noticed a bug in the fact that with the scuba gear, you can duplicate it by clicking on it in your invetory and then dragging it from the picture on the right back into your inventory...and you'll be left with two. Aside from that it seems fairly flawless (i personally just wish the bugger would move faster).

Phantasmagor responds:

Casper here:
Thanks a tonne man for reporting that bug, weve fixed it now and it should get updated within a day or 2. :D also did you try toggling quality? That would help slow it down if you set it to 0! Thanks again for the bug report, VERY helpful!