Reviews for "Griswold the Goblin"

A very nice RPG

I really enjoyed this flash RPG. Nice amount of gameplay. However, the plot became almost transparent. If there is a sequel, movies need some kind of skip button. It was worth the time, though.


If i had want to be frustrated today i would have dressed in a tartan jockstrap and attempted to gain Liv Tylers phone number but no.. your game had to come between me an Liv. Well thank you for destroyning my dream of doing a right classy bird. I hate you and my insanity. And mine too. Yours sincerely Chest Rockwell. P.S. can u please fix it for me to be gang raped by The Sugababes.

Weird but challanging.

Not bad, although I can't seem to find out how to get the chicken. Also you may want to consider a varying music score. The game also occassionally skips. Keep it up though dude.


This was a really good game! Some times i got stuck but thats what makes these kind of games good. I hope the ending means theres gonna be another one!

i found a bug

if u click scuba suit and click its picture u get another scuba suit